Programs and Services


"The final grief work, transcendence, is one of growth.  It is all about finding ways to move on creatively and make meaning out of loss.  However, the impact, the impression, the imprint of grief has and will continue to change your life… you will always be influenced by this loss, just as you will always be 
influenced by the love you share…”  
Ashley Davis Prend


Grief is a dynamic process, unique to each individual.  Initially, you may feel overwhelmed, numb, angry or tearful.   Although it may feel like grief will last forever, we do, in time, come to terms with the death of our loved one and move forward into a new life. We find tools to manage our grief and resources to bring us strength and healing.  For many, this process includes sharing our story, exploring our grief feelings and finding new meaning in our lives.

To support you in this process, Chesapeake Life Center’s team of trained professionals and volunteers offers compassionate care and support through a variety of programs and services.  Our goal is to provide a safe, healing place to share your story, to learn how to cope with your grief, and to honor and remember your loved one.   These support services and programs include:

  • Children and Teens Support Groups and Bereavement Camps
  • Educational Workshops and Special Offerings

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    Grief Counseling

     Our counselors offer individuals an opportunity to share their personal grief, manage anxiety, explore coping strategies and discover what is possible.  


    Support Groups

    Our facilitated support groups provided a supportive environment for members to explore grief and share experiences with others.  


    Specialty Offerings and Workshops

    Our specialty workshops provide an overview of grief while focusing on coping strategies.     


    Perinatal and Infant Loss

    Chesapeake Life Center offers emotional, spiritual and medical support for those facing a difficult diagnosis during pregnancy.